Spice & Wolf vol 1-16 Complete Manga Set!

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About Spice And Wolf Manga Series

Spice and Wolf features story by Isuna Hasekura and art by Keito Koume.

Kraft Lawrence has been walking the lonely path of the itinerant merchant for seven years. His life changes forever when he meets Holo, the wolf-god of the harvest, and the two begin traveling together. Soon they discover a unique opportunity to exploit the depreciating silver currency of the kingdom of Trenni, but their plans go awry when a competing organization captures Holo and threatens to turn her over to the oppressive, monotheistic Church.

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This series is for mature audiences ONLY and each BRAND NEW volume is individually sealed to prevent use! Buy it today!! Send us a message if you have any questions. check out our great price to YOU! If you prefer a smaller set, let us know!