Cells At Work! Vol 1-5 Manga Set!

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Do you know what is happening inside your body? Do you know which cells are helping it? Which antibodies are activated? Do you WANT to know?! Learn more about the body and its activities through the ground breaking work of cells! CELLS at WORK! is a fantastic work of art and knowledge! The author breaks down what each cell’s function is and how they go about performing it. From Platelets to Red Blood Cells, from Macrophage to White Blood Cells, everyone is here to take care of the body!!! This set includes all 5 Brand New volumes of the Cells at Work! Manga series printed in English!! Buy it today! Enjoy it and share your brand new knowledge with friends!!! It will NOT make you a doctor, but you can still brag that you read it!! If you have any questions, send us a message!
MSRP – 12.99 per volume
MSRP – 64.95 for all 5