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Fairy Tail Spin-Off Collection Complete Set

Fairy Tail Spin-Off Collection Complete Set

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The complete collection of the "Fairy Tail Spin-offs: Twin Dragons of Saber Tooth (v1), Rhodonite (2), and Lightning Gods (v3)". Includes volumes 1 - 3.


Fairy Tail: Twin Dragons of Sabertooth

Sting Eucliffe, the White Dragon, and Rogue Cheney, the Shadow Dragon. These two powerful Dragon Slayer wizards are the faces of the Sabertooth guild, but they didn’t start out that way – both wizards have been down a road of fantastical adventures and hard-won battles to forge their own way as heroes. Learn how two of the most powerful wizards in Fiore got their start!

An argument over one of their companions splits the Twin Dragons up! But when Sting tries to take on the golems of Obstone Village on his own, he’s left crushed, with his magic stolen. Could this job actually be a sinister trap set for Sting? And will Rogue forgive him and arrive in time to save his life?

Fairy Tail: Rhodonite

The iron dragonslayer, Gajeel Redfox, has lived his life in the shadows. Even in the motley crew of Fairy Tail, he didn’t always fit in. When Gajeel gets news of an escaped prisoner he may be connected to, he must leave on a journey to confront his past. Will he stand strong with his new family in Fairy Tail, or will old forces pull him back into the darkness?

Fairy Tail: Lightning Gods

Hot-headed wizard Laxus Dreyar is always on the lookout for the next challenge! So when Fairy Tail disbands, he and his loyal crew of Freed, Evergreen, and Bickslow join the fun-loving guild Blue Pegasus. Before long, the guild’s master Ichiya is kidnapped, and it’s up to Laxus to save the day. However, when faced with a battle with a rival guild’s female mages, Laxus learns a tough lesson…On the next mission, Laxus and his gang go up against an ancient relic of fearsome magic—one that will put their bonds of friendship to the test!

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