Plastic Memories Volume 2 Blu-ray

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About Plastic Memories Volume 2 Blu-Ray

The heartwarming finale to writer Naotaka Hayashi’s (Steins;Gate) original love story!

“I hope one day you’ll be reunited.”

As Tsukasa continues his work at SAI, he starts to wonder whether or not the Giftias can regain their memories after their OS replacement. However, he always gets the same answer of “NO” no matter who he asks. Until one day he encounters a Giftia from Terminal Service Three named Andie, who turns out to be Eru’s best friend Olivia after her OS replacement. As Tsukasa learns more about Giftias and grows closer to Isla, he must also comes to terms with her lifespan getting close to the end… in Plastic Memories Volume 2.

Plastic Memories Volume 2 contains episodes 8-13 plus collectible illustration cards, clear BD cases with 2-sided wraps.


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