Persona -Trinity Soul- DVD Box Set 2 (S) Premium Edition


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The peaceful days at Ayanagi city came to an end for the Kanzato brothers when the eldest brother, Ryo, disappeared one night. His childhood sweetheart was found dead, and he was the prime suspect. Shin and Jun deal with the loss of their only remaining family while taking up their brother’s will to use their Personas to fight against the dark presence growing in the city.

The world begins to distort as human bodies and psyches begin to mismatch. Shin and his friends are asked to form a Persona fighting force to combat the Marebito, the ones behind the Reverse cases, as well as their leader Kujo. It is up to Shin and his Persona to stop the distortion and bring an end to the Marebito and their twisted goals of exploiting Personas.

This 2-disc premium edition includes a full-color, hardcover artbook and a premium box.

Contains episodes 14-26.

Special Features: Perfect Guide.


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