Owarimonogatari Volume 2 Limited Edition Blu-ray Set

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About Owarimonogatari Volume 2 Blu-Ray

Owarimonogatari Volume 2 contains 6 episodes (SHINOBU MAIL #1-6) plus a deluxe booklet and a pin-up postcard set.

Koyomi’s Rival Appears!!

After the summer break, Koyomi breaks the link with Shinobu Oshino and returns to being human again for the first time in six months. He heads to the cram school ruin with Suruga Kanbaru, but they are attacked by a strange entity wearing Japanese armor. Saved by Yotsugi Ononoki, they head to Izuko Gaen for her advice, but she starts telling them an unbelievable story about Shinobu’s past.


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