On Location - Store Events

We have weekly Game tournaments at our Virginia location. Entry fees vary depending on format.

Magic: The Gathering tournaments: Draft tournaments Fridays (FNM) at 9:30pm and Saturday at 11am and 2pm.
  • Friday Night Magic Drafts at 9:30pm - $17 entrance fee.
  • Saturday Magic Drafts at 2pm - $17 entrance fee.
  • Saturday Magic Tourneys at 11am - $6 entrance fee.
  • Beginners open play/tournament: Saturday at 5pm - $6 entrance fee. (may purchase 4 items of $4 or more for free entry)

Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments: Every Friday at 6pm and Sunday at 2pm. Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments are for all levels.
  • Tournaments are held every Friday at 6pm and Sunday at 2pm. Entrance fee is $9 or purchase 4 booster packs for free entry.
  • Box Tournaments are held on the third Sunday of every month. Entrance fee is $12, includes a free consolation pack. You may purchase 5 boosters for free entry into this tournament. (minimum 8 players required)
  • Beginners Yu-Gi-Oh! starts at 11am on Sunday. Entrance fee is $6, includes consolation pack.
Cardfight!! Vanguard Tournaments: Tournaments are held on Sundays at 5pm.
  • Entry fee is $6 or purchase of any 4 Vanguard items of $4 or more.
  • Prizes will be awarded for the top 4 players based on attendance.
  • Players will receive promos from Bushiroad while supplies last.

Sorry, we no longer host Pokemon CCG tournaments.