Anime Pavilion News

Our store hours have changed! Please plan your visits accordingly!
Store Hours:
Monday - Thursday 11:30am - 8:00pm
Friday 11am - late (depending on tournaments)
Saturday & Sunday 11am - 8pm

If your looking for some Japanese Manga your in luck we have some used manga in stock! Feel free to ask for more details.

We just recently updated our wall-scrolls and plushies feel free to check out our new stock. We are still updating our online inventory and we noticed a lot of our items are out of stock on our page. Please feel free to email us and we'll see what we can do to facilitate your needs.

Anime Pavilion Sports Card Section: Serving the community for over 15 years, our store carries one of the largest selections of sports cards and supplies in the D.C. Metropolitan area. As an authorized dealer of Topps, Panini, and Upper Deck (as well as many others), our box pricing is very competitive - even among most internet dealers.

Bandai is now out of print: For the vast majority, Bandai videos and manga are no longer available at this time. They are being removed from the website, but some may still linger. If you are interested in a Bandai title, please call our store or check out our stock at one of the cons we attend. Thank you!

Out of Print: Due to the extremely limited nature of out of print mangas (such as Tokyopop and Bandai titles) please email us before making an order on our website to make sure we have them in stock. Thank you and happy hunting!

We now buy used manga! Sell your used manga back to us for $0.75 in cash or $1.50 in store credit. We are helping to build several different manga libraries. Excess used manga will be sold at conventions (depending on space available) and in store in a special used section.

Attention Cosplayers! Do you enjoy making costumes? Do you make costume accessories? Do you want to get paid for it?
We're looking for a talented individual to share our store space with who can create truly wonderful items for cosplayers. Please see the employment page for details on the position.

Lonely Singles: Do you need just one more DVD to complete your collection? Did you start collecting the single DVD volumes and just miss one?
Shoot us a line and we'll do our best to track it down for you!

Have us at your Local Con! Want to see us at your local convention? Drop us a line! Also, get in touch with your local convention and let them know you want us there. Big or small, we'd love to come see you!